clumsy cause I’m falling in love with you

so everything is good i guess.
oscar “forgave” me. meaning he decided to stop being so pissy about stuff and wanted to talk to me.
I get to spend the night at his house tonight! YAY! i used his money to get drunk tonight, but i lied and told him i bought mcdonalds.

I’m terrified of the amount of work I have to do before graduation. I’m literally TERRIFIFED. but im also drunk. so im not going to think about thaaat.
also, can i just say that Fergie is a g? like striaght up. clumsy is my shit.
also, prince died today? i dont care. meaning i dont care the same way i don’t care about the MILLIONS of other people who died today because of x100000 worse situations. but we care about prince for some reason becasue he made some good music? ummmm….yeah no.
im drunk and im done typing.

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