Dad is that you?

Year of 93′ ,sometimes in March my mother and me had been released from the hospital few days after she had given birth to me.Now my mother has fallen in love with my “dad” and they were in a long distance relation for some time.She told me that they would meet on the weekends¬† since she lived 3-4 hours away,had a steady job where she lived at, and needles to say whole her family had also been living there.All of that changed when she decided to quit a very well positioned job she had due to her wishes for a change and love she had for my “dad”.

Year of 93’…It all started a year prior to that.While she had been pregnant and lived with my “father” things started to get sketchy.He would be coming home drunk more and more frequently,her being in a blessed condition made it hard on her and my well being, so rational thinking made her nag every now and then ,but bigger conflicts were obviously not of her interest at that point.

Year of 93’….The day we are released from the hospital nobody comes to pick us up.Luckily enough,my mother had always knew how to deal with situations like that (unlike me).She managed to get us a 40 min. long ride back to home.We entered that funky smelling hall,proceeded to kitchen which was also a living room all together, only to find my “father” butt drunk on the couch.He didn’t even wanted to look at me ,God forbid touch me.It made her utterly sad.Thinking about it ,it makes me sad,it makes me super sad that anybody would behave in that manners let alone someone who made me.His ignorance and stupid priorities would never change from that day on like they didn’t prior to that.


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