Day 57

Friday, April 22nd 2016

Today was… interesting.

Day 4

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We started discussing Animal Farm, read a chapter and answered some questions.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We started lenses, but we still have a refraction quiz to do next week. Lenses seems to be easier to learn than refraction. I’m sure if I just read my notes again, I’ll understand refractions better.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
I sat with Kohai. I showed her that I was interested in a few songs of Panic! At the Disco now. I’m a fan of “I write sins, not tragedies” and “Emperor’s new clothes”.
   There was also a dance competition or something and someone in my English class went up and her song was sort of a mix of a bunch of popular songs. At some point she actually twerked and the end of the song said “Yippee ki yay, mother****”. You can imagine how the teachers reacted. The one hosting said something like “That song wasn’t approved by the teachers…” I wonder if she got in trouble. Most likely yeah.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
Visual Arts
More stained glass painting. I started coloring it, though. It seems like I’m not screwing it up, yet…

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
We started reading l’Avare by Molière. Other than that, we didn’t do much.

After School
Wrote a bit of a dramatic fanfiction scene that I thought of in the bus. I’m very tired and I have Youth later. Oh, I have to finish Harry Potter so I can return it and get the next book. I don’t know when I’ll be reading it, though. I’m not much of a reading person. I’m trying, though. I still have Sherlock Holmes to read, all of them.
   I’ll start of my birthday list after I finish the last chapter. Sorry if this was short.

That’s all for today.

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