Good news, journal..

My CT scans came back clear! Woohoo! There are two REALLY small kidney stones in my left kidney (which is the same kidney I ended up having to get surgery on because there was a 7mm stone stuck in it) but they are so small my urologist says they shouldn’t be bothering me, along with a small cyst, but he says that’s normal?

I had a cystoscopy done a couple of weeks ago. And if you’ve never had one, GOOD FOR YOU! Lol. It’s basically a little scope with a camera on the tip and the urologist slides it into your urethra. Oh, man! It was sooo uncomfortable. He kept telling me to relax and I kept thinking to myself, “YOU TRY TO RELAX WITH SOMETHING UP YOUR GIRL BITS!” After he finally got it in, he told me to open my eyes – lo and behold, I was seeing the inside of my own bladder on the monitor in front of me. While the whole experience was uncomfortable, that was pretty damn cool and definitely worth it.

He filled up my bladder with water to see how it looks inflated (they do this so they can watch your bladder function) and he showed me the holes where my kidneys are connected and said everything looked good. They were afraid that my THREE total surgeries could have damaged something, but he said it looked good. Yay!

The doctor finally cleared me. Cleared me for what, you ask? Ohh.. BABIES! 😀 So April is technically our 2nd month of trying (we started in January, but Feb/March I was in so much pain in my kidney that the doctor told me to not try for babies). 

I have about a week left until I can find out if we actually conceived this month. But life is overall doing really well. I haven’t spoken to my mom since she got out of the hospital, but I’ll focus on that some other day. I’m on cloud 9 being healthy and happy.

The only downfall is that I am still hurting -just a little- in my kidney area. I’m trying to drink as much water as I can, and surprisingly, the one juice I absolutely hate – ORANGE JUICE – seems to help with the pain.

I don’t really know why it hurts, but medically speaking, it’s just a UTI, which I’m on month long antibiotics for. Guess we’ll see, eh, journal?




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