I want you to be happy.

I realise now that even if it’s not with me that your happiness means everything.

We spent a small amount of time together last night (in the company of others) and i kept seeing you look in my direction and it makes my heart leap! Whenever your eyes lock onto mine it burns and it feels really nice. You are so funny and it’s such a joy to watch you smile and have fun and make other people laugh. I long to hold you again and touch you i crave you so much but if it’s only a look that i can get then i’ll take that for as long as we are still here together. 

I spend most of my time wondering what i can do to get you back, i will improve myself for you mentally and physically, that’s what you deserve. I will learn to have fun and take joy and live in the moment like you tried to teach me so many times whilst i just sat in the corner being moody and wanting your attention all to myself. Even if you don’t want me back i will spend my life wanting you back and hoping that one day we will meet again, there will always be a part of me that will love you. I don’t want to stop loving you.

Do you ever think of me in this way i wonder, have you noticed me changing? Do you ever wonder what i’m doing or missing me, any regret? I so hope that you do. I love you.


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