I’m lost..

why do i feel this way? something inside me that i can’t explain.

i’m just sitting here alone, can’t think, my mind is totally blank, can hear my heart even the sound of my breathing but still…i remain sitting..sitting as if not feeling the presence of people around me that passing by..just like that, just like ignoring them without knowing why..

i feel empty at all..something’s not right..it’s like i feel incomplete at all.. i’m hurt but don’t feel the pain..im just siting quietly as if i feel like i have to curse someone or maybe i wanted to get mad at someone or to something..nah…thus is insane..really insane…can’t think straight, don’t know what to think, don’t know why do i feel this way.. 

have i gone crazy??may i am..i guess i am..argh…when will this stop?

until when do i have to be like this..like everyday whenever i do or wherever i go, this feeling of being lost, when will it end?


One thought on “LOST”

  1. Hey,
    I can so relate..my head gets filled with shit, i get lost and not sure which way to go or which thing do i work on first.
    I dont think your going nuts, because to me being nuts would be alot easier and more fun!! I write, journal, and talk to a counselor. Its been helping since ill be 49 next month, and Im sure thats part of it too.
    I hope you find peace..enjoy!!

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