Centuries pass and you’re still not ready,
still viewing my success with your insecurity
You say you love me,
but there are times when you don’t let me be

Decades pass, but you’re still acting so primitively ancient
all in the name of ‘being a man’
My progress, my evolution is what you can’t stand
Now you’re dying, desperately trying to turn back the time

Years pass and you’re still considering me a threat
What’s with your paranoia that makes me one to dread?
You’re not really prepared
You’ve been so used to having everything your way, no discussions or talking back

Months, weeks, days…
are we wasting our time and energy away?
Hours, minutes, seconds…it doesn’t seem to matter what I say
You won’t listen or understand me anyway

My education is my right,
just like yours, so why put up with such a nasty fight?
The sight of me with a book and a pen causes you much fright
Oh, are we really working together for the better – side by side?

Stop reminding me about ‘my place’
Despite having the bigger yours, you’re still taking up my space
No need to fake your respect, not if you still put me in disgrace
For too damn long, you’ve been greedy with more power, your brain’s clouded with such delusional haze

Be my equal partner, not my master
I am a love for you to have,
not your silent, obedient slave
Treat me equally
and you’ll receive love and respect from me

So, what do you say?



(Jakarta, 21/4/2016 – 2:00 pm)

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