Honestly, this is amazing. I by no means thought I would get here and I’m proud to say I have. I would like to point out that I’m starting this journal ten day early so I can reach my goal of 10,000 words. What I want to do in this blog is not talk about my day but I want to talk about my life, just everything that is of some importance and makes me who I am. I felt like this is much better than telling you what I did today because I literally just did that for 99 days in a row. I’m probably just going to tell you random stories that come to my mind.

So when I was in elementary school I would go to my mom’s school during the summer. They had a program where your kid could go there up until middle school. It was crazy expensive so I stopped going in 4th or so grade. But before I stopped going I had this group of friends. Of course it was the popular kids because we all got along easily and I hate to say it but the attention was great. I had this best friend at that program and I can’t remember his name sadly. We were literally great friends and we always hung out together there. I remember one time when he told me that he couldn’t go to the program anymore because he was moving or something like that. I literally tried so many ways to get him to stay. I remember we would get in a fight and stop talking and our group would tell us it’s not worth losing our friendship over a fight. It would be over really stupid things but we were like seven years old so who cares? So that’s the end of that story. I can’t believe I remembered that and it’s kind of special to put in here because it’s a great memory to have. Of course yall don’t know all the behind the scenes to that story but I miss that friendship. I might try to reconnect with him.

So I was talking to my friend one night while facetiming and she was embarrassed to sing even though she has an amazing voice. So I made a deal with her that I would tell her an embarrassing story of mine to ease the embarrassment of singing. She agreed of course and after I told her the story she told me to put it in my 100th blog so that’s exactly what I’m doing. So here is the story of why I don’t get awkward anymore. So my church used to be held at a high school while our church was being built. So every Sunday since I worked for my church I would have to wake up really early to set up literally everything, like I had to set up an entire stage. I wasn’t alone but I had my own job that I had to do and the others also had their job. After we finished it would be around 7:30 to eight in the morning so we would go and eat before everybody started getting there. One morning before we went and got something to eat one of my friends who was a junior at the time came up to me and cupped me while pushing me against the wall. It sounds very messed up but if you knew him you would understand it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. But when it happened it was around a bunch of guys and so I got really embarrassed but I tried to play it off the best I could. After that event I somehow achieved the goal of conquering my fear of getting awkward. So now literally anything at all could happen and I would not get awkward or embarrassed at all. Everybody looks at me strangely when I tell them that I don’t get awkward or embarrassed but they don’t know that there is a story behind that. So now yall know why I don’t get awkward. I love the fact that I’m putting this in my 100th journal because later on in time I will be able to look back at this exact blog and be able to read all of my past memories that I had forgotten.

I’m currently writing this the day of my 100th blog and I’m 800 words in with pretty much nothing to say. I’m currently getting help from my best friend. She is giving me random topics and I’m trying to remember stories that happened when I was younger. As yall know, I’m one of the best at the task of procrastination. I thought I would have plenty of time and just be able to write 10000 words out of nowhere but boy was I was. I have a few hours to do this and some of yall might think this a really easy task but for the people that have been doing this for a while like me, yall will understand that this can be a hard task.

So my cousin used to come home from school with us every day until his mom got off work and picked him up. So we would go outside and just do whatever we wanted. One day we decided to go to the waterfall beside my house and for some reason we went through the woods to get there. On the way back from the waterfall we went back through the woods and I looked down to check my phone and when I looked up he was gone. That little rascal somehow ran really quietly away. So I ended up getting lost finding my way back to my house. The waterfall is not far away at all but I don’t know my woods that great so I started to get scared because I didn’t know where I was. So I came up with an idea to just walk straight and then work my way back to my house from wherever I was dropped off. So I happen to just be walking and I was still scared but I had my plan so I wasn’t as scared. I turned my head to the write and my house was literally like 50-100 feet away. I seriously went through all of that thinking I was far away but in reality I was really close to my home.

When I was younger we would go to the beach like every single year for vacation. So we had a four story house right on the beach. One night we all decided to go to a really fancy restaurant to eat so I got ready and everything and walked outside. I walked out the back door and I was just standing on the beach. I believe I was wearing a hat or something because something blew away from me and I had to chase it. I ran for literally ages down the beach trying to get that thing but whenever I would get close again it would blow even farther down the beach. So I got really far down and this dude was able to retrieve whatever it was and give it back to me. After I got it from the guy I had to walk all the way back down the beach to our house and that was horrible. When I got back I was so embarrassed because not my outfit was messed up and everyone was laughing. So that wasn’t very fun for me. I didn’t think it was funny at the time but now that I look back on it I am able to laugh.

So I’m going to tell another story of when I was at the beach. We were out on the jet skis and I was with my dad because I couldn’t drive it because I was only 10. As I was riding he kept asking me if he could go full speed and I seriously didn’t want to because I was scared to death. He ended up bribing me with five dollars and he went as fast as it would go. While he was going full speed I flew off the back of the jet skis and no joke did front flips above the water while bouncing. My mom said that all she saw was me flipping through the air as I tumbled through the water. I don’t remember actually flipping but I remember seconds later I was floating in the water. I wasn’t hurt at all surprisingly so that was a good thing. I don’t believe that my father actually gave me that five dollars though. I’m not saying he didn’t but I don’t think he did. But I did get a cool story out of it.

When I was in 1st grade my class had this reward program but I didn’t know what it took to get the prizes. I do remember that I won a prize and I picked a panther’s poster for some odd reason. I got home and every night my parents would force me to study in the living room for hours on end. So one night I was studying and my dad called me over to him and he was holding his wallet and the poster. My dad is a major fan of the panther’s so he told asked me how much it would take to buy the poster from me. I originally said like 3 dollars but my mom told me to go five so I changed it to five. My dad told pulled out five dollars from his wallet and my mom told me to go ten. I wasn’t brave enough to go ten because at that age five dollars made me rich. So I got the five dollars and my dad got his poster. I miss the days when everything was cheap to me. Like if I had $20 I was stacked with money but now if I have 500 it is barely anything. Times have changed so much.

When I was in fourth grade I broke my arm. I used to ride a rip-stick and for the people who don’t know, a rip-stick is like a skateboard but It only has two wheels and it goes very fast. Before my aunt moved she lived in a neighborhood and to get to her house you had to go down this very steep hill. So we were over at her house and I was being the little daredevil that I was so I went to the top of the hill and went down the hill. I wasn’t scared at all because I was able to go halfway down easily so I thought it would be the same. Boy was I wrong! I started going down and the rip-stick picked up a lot of speed and it started shaking immensely. The next thing I knew I was at the bottom of the hill and everybody was rapping me with bandages before I went to the hospital. I had broken my arm but in my memory I wasn’t crying at all and I was calm as can be. My mom told me that I was crying but I have no idea what she was talking about. Let’s just say that I wasn’t crying because men don’t cry. Btw, that was a joke.

When I was in 1st grade my brother was in boy scouts and I really wanted to go. So my father promised me that if I got a green card that day then I could go with them. It would be my first time going to boy scouts so I was beyond excited. I behaved all day long and I told my teacher at least a hundred times that I was trying to be good so I could go that night. So it was almost near the end of the day and I was still on green, my excitement was bursting out of my body and I started behaving badly because of it. The next thing I knew I had a yellow card and I was so beyond sad and scared. I tried to think of ways to not let my father see the yellow card and I came up with a million different plans. So we were about to leave and I didn’t say a single word about it and I was praying that he had forgot about the deal. Well, before we walked out of the door he asked me if I had gotten a green card that day and I said yes. He asked to see this green card and in that moment I knew I was screwed. I showed him my yellow card and he explained to me that I couldn’t go because I had gotten a yellow card. That ruined my entire night and I was already planning my grudge on my teacher. That was very hard to do because she was my favorite elementary teacher ever and I loved her so much. So that grudge didn’t last but for only five or so minutes.

When I was younger I spent a lot of my life in the hospital. So I wasn’t afraid of it because it was basically my second home. Well one time late at night something happened and I was rushed to the hospital. While coming into the hospital this lady came out of nowhere with a massive cart of doughnuts. It was seriously any kid’s paradise. So I was beyond happy because I was able to eat junk food late at night and I completely felt like a rebel. Not only was it past my bedtime but I ate a doughnut. So I was easily rebel of the year. I’m pretty sure my parents allowed me to have that doughnut because of the scenario I was in and giving me that doughnut would brighten my mood. Gosh know my parents were scared. They probably could have used a doughnut also to brighten their negativity.

When I was in 5th grade my school had hundreds of caterpillars on the playground. Everybody loved them because they were amazing. So we would all try to take them home and it got so bad that the teachers banned bringing caterpillars inside. So we would have to hide them but the teachers were smarter than that so they checked the cubbies when we came inside. Well I wasn’t stupid so I put them in my hoodie until after the teacher checked the cubbies and then I would put them in my bag. Well it turns out all it did was kill them and I could never figure out why they were all dying. Now I know.

Another story about caterpillars in fifth grade is this. One time when I was out on the playground I was acting all big, bad and cool. So I decided to kill a caterpillar to be bad and cool. I stepped on it and everybody surrounded me in awe. I acted so cool but after I walked away I started crying because I seriously hate hurting animals and it hurt me so bad. So that happened.

One Christmas my parents went out shopping and it was just me and my older brother. Out of nowhere my brother grabs the hose from the sink and just starts spraying the entire house. I didn’t want to be a part of it so I went inside my brother’s room so I didn’t get sprayed. Well when I got home my parents felt the carpet and my dad became furious. Of course we acted like we didn’t know what happened but once they figured out I told them it wasn’t me but they didn’t believe me. So I was grounded for ages after that and I wasn’t able to get the Christmas tree that year and that made me sad because going up to the mountains and picking the perfect tree was a tradition and it still is to this day. So we ended up not doing that again because it was just a bad idea to begin with.

I don’t tell yall much about my past relationships or my relationships at all so I think today I will tell yall a story about me in 2nd grade getting a girlfriend. So once I was in 2nd grade and I had this teacher that I really liked. Well the school had just hired new teacher and the teacher was specially picking the students she wanted. Well I was picked out of the hundred or so kids that were trying to get her. I didn’t want her at first and when I got home I started crying a lot because  I didn’t want her even though I didn’t know her. Well I went to school the next day and I walked to her classroom and her daughter was there helping her. Her daughter was in college I believe and I fell in love with her daughter. So we always joked saying that we were in a relationship even though we weren’t. Well let me rephrase that. She joked around but I thought we were seriously in a relationship. One day we were out on the track and there was a really cute girl in my class named Megan. I don’t know how I remember her name but I do. So one day I and Megan were walking around the track just talking and things and I picked up a flower and asked her out. She said yes and word spread like a wildflower. It was so crazy how people found out. So the teacher daughter found out and she asked if I and Megan were dating and I said yes. She said “but what about our relationship?” and I remember shrugging my shoulder and saying that we were over. So a few days later I and Megan broke up because her friend talked a lot of crap and she convinced Megan to break up with me. After that I ‘got back together’ with the teachers daughter. And from this day I don’t remember who the teacher’s daughter was and I don’t remember what Megan’s last name is so I can’t find her.

In third grade I was a horrible kid. Like I can’t even explain to yall how bad I was. Every parent teacher conference I would get in so much trouble because of the things I did and I would get a spanking. So at the end of the year we were all signing year books and I was looking at someone else’s yearbook and I saw someone I didn’t like in there so I took a sharpie and I put an ex through their picture and then they went and told on me and my teacher just straight up started screaming at me. He was shouting at the top of his lungs saying that he will take me up to the office and I will be suspended if I did one more thing. I went to a tree and I low key cried without anyone seeing me because I was a massive savage but I had a heart. I went to go see that teacher last year and it was nice letting him see how much I have changed throughout the time. I went from the kid with no future that played with his pencils and got moved to the very back of the classroom in my own little space to a kid taking advanced classes and trying to make a difference in this world. My English teacher told me that if he spoke to my mom he would tell her that I’m seriously going to make a difference in the world and I’m at the top of my class. When he told me that it seriously boosted my confidence and it just made my day.

So I’m currently 3,500 words into this and I have nothing else to write about. I really want this blog to get to 10000 words so every day I’m going to continue this until it gets to 10000. So if you really want to hear more just come and check back to see if I have updated it with new stories. I love doing this and hopefully for my 500th blog I come a little bit more prepared. I must apologize for procrastinating but at least by updating it daily it gives yall more to read. I don’t think there is a whole lot more I can say tonight unless my friend gives me more ideas to write about but I won’t know until later tonight when we talk. If I come up with anything else tonight I will try and put it in here so for the people who read these in the morning can see. I know not all people can read these at night because of time zones and everything.

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