dear alcoholic ex

Words taken out of context
Intimacy turned into mutual masturbation
We try to raise the vibration
Increase the stimulation
Blame it on needing a vacation
But the emotion
Only leads to commotion
And you take a drink
5 drinks later yelling at the mirror behind the bathroom sink
Supressed memories rise to the brink
Of insanity
You glance at me
And snap….
Oh crap
Time to watch my back
Sharp words hit like whips
a crack
On a lions back
My words on eggshells as you walk around pacing
I know your mind is racing
What is it your facing
Its a viscous cycle tomorrow will be cool
Cry out some tears tomorrow is new
Ask for forgivnes ask what You can do
Everything is a sweet little lie
In your world of demise
So you can regulate
Make an excuse for the next date
Premeditated hours ahead
Wondering why you constantly wish to be dead
You’re a mess
And everytime you repeat the cycle the destruction will only progres
Im abandoned… in an abyss of lonliness
And the loneliness is real

It hits hard that’s true…

But at least that’s more than i can say about you

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