Hi…New here, hope this works!!

Hello world,

Im brand new here, and I’m hoping this works for me. I’ve been in need to hjournal and I havent been getting the chance the other ways Ive been jounaling. I was once on another site, actually was returning, and Ive found that theyve gotten to big. Before I used to get alot of conversation and opinions, but now its not like that. So im hoping this site will. 

I tried to chat with a friend via email, but that wasnt working either. It doesnt have to be constant for the writing) I guess I’m searching for the conversation and ideas.  I have so much running through my head, i need to write it down. Get rid of some of it so to speak, or look at it as its written down.

Sometimes i get naughty, or sometimes I guess deep, Im not sure how far I can get here, but I hope I can be open and honest as I work better with honesty and not having to hold back for any reason.

ok Im keeping this short, so I can see how this works.

Thanks for reading!!



3 thoughts on “Hi…New here, hope this works!!”

  1. Welcome to Goodnight Journal … Keep writing cuz I’m reading well, and writing too

  2. WELCOME to this journaling community! I think you are safe here. And you will get feedback. We seem to be a caring bunch. I say “seem” because I haven’t been on here very long myself. God bless you!

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