Half zoned
Half stoned
Depending on who you are i just wanna be left alone

Too much drama
Save that titty for when youre a momma
Fuck it
Too much shit to deal with
than to let the rest fester and sink in
And ive been on the breaking end

Not enough sleep
Not enough peace
Alone in my fear stupid thoughts just creep
Its dont matter id its in dreams
Nothing is as it seems

Fucking sheeps
Follow the heard
Led by the blind
Taught by the dumb
Desensitized and numb

And im here in this zone
Moonshine and maybe half stoned
Letting lifes test
Be put to rest
Finding a way
To break the cycle
And just….just fucking breathe
If nothing else
And breathe
Wake up tomorrow
A new days breeze
As cold as it is
The winters chill
At least if you truly feel something you know its real

And if this dont make sense
I never said it should
And insomniacs mind
Never would
but its there
And i dont care
And if you dont like it
You aint gotta share 

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