My attempt at inducing lactation

I would like to start this out by saying that this isn’t my first attempt at inducing lactation, it’s not even my second attempt. I have try this many times and failed because of frustration, lack of time, bad eating habits and even trying to hide it from my friends and family. So I have decided to chronicle my journey of inducing lactation and would be happy to answer questions that come up through this process.


Today I decided to try to induce lactation again and this time I hope I can bear through all the hardships of trying to start this again.

I started off by doing more research on how to induce lactation, visiting many website telling me that it is a simple process that just takes time to get it to work. All of these sites telling you to use herbs and medications, some saying to use hand expression or breast pumps or to have your partner suckle at your breast like an infant. There is even one that tell you to use a TENS unit; which if i’m honest sounds weird at first. The more I think about it the more I am realizing that there are many things that I should have tried and will try this time a round.

23aug2016 08:11pm  My first session I tried using a breast pump. At first it was painful, I mean having suction on your breasts is kind of painful at first; You are asking a lot from that tissue on your chest by having a machine tugging on your breasts with no fluid in there right now. After some time it starts to hurt less all the while I’m telling myself positive affirmations like “I’m going to be a good mother”, “I will breastfeed, I can breastfeed” ” and “I’m making this milk to feed my baby.” I’m actively willing myself to produce this life nourishing milk from my breasts. Hoping and praying that this time I will produce milk from my bosom to one day feed the babies that I’m doing this for. By the end of the 15 minute session I am feeling drain and hopeful that this experience will work for me and prepare me for the babies that I wish to be feeding from my breast in the near future.

23apr2016 10:37pm My second session I tried using the TENS unit, this is a very unusual experience. The first thing that you do for this is place electrodes on your breasts( see picture for placement)image002                                                                                            then plug in to the control box and let it run for 15 min at with a pulse width of 250 and a frequency of 70 (it is a really interesting feeling’s a mix between tingling and and hard muscle contractions).  During this 15 minutes I’m watching videos of woman breastfeeding and telling myself more positive affirmation, all while trying to relax to work on getting the” let down” in my breasts to happen. I am not doing so well at this but I am trying very hard and doing my best to teach myself to do this. I am also drinking a lot of water through out this process, which is recommended by all the breastfeeding sites I’ve looked at and from friends that I’ve asked about it. I think I’ll also join an online support group to help keep me motivated.

This is going to be a very long road but I’m going to continue with it until I get some results 

day two

2Apr2016 01:09am  My first session of today was a lot like my last session of yesterday. I am drinking water as I stimulate my mammories and ponder on the thoughts of lactation and breastfeeding. The breastfeeding videos are helpful and discouraging at the sometime. I mean that is what I am working toward but it is also the reminder that if I can not do this that I might be less of a woman and maybe even a failure as a person because I don’t have the ability to do this one womanly act.

I have looked in to some breastfeeding meditation and affirmation tracks and plan to start listening to them starting with my next session. I’m hoping that I will get something out of them, maybe even faster results with my lactation (I won’t hold my breath though). If they do help that will be amazing and if they don’t I’ll try to not let it discourage me. I have also decided to change my pumping/stimulating cycle to every 3 hours instead of every 2 hours so that I can attempt to get some sleep which isn’t very likely for me.

session 2

24Apr2016 04:14 waking up from a good dream kind of sucks but I also had to pee because of all the water that i’m drinking but it’s ok I’ve prepared myself for this sort of. the big thing now is to remember to turn on the timers (the one on the TENS and the breastfeeding).  Well back to bed now.

session 3

24Apr2016 07:32 waking this time I’m not feeling groggy I feel more fulfilled but still a little tired. My breasts are feeling the same but my nipples feel more erect and the sensation of the stimulation doesn’t feel as strange anymore, it is feeling purposeful and needed right now. this is still early days so how knows how this will end up going.

There is something different though.  I am slightly aroused by all of this stimulation to my breasts. i’m not doing this for sexual gratification but it still makes me wonder if there isn’t a part of me that want’s this to be sexual also. This will give me something to muse on during the day while I continue trying to express milk from my breasts.

session 4

24Apr2016 10:55 The TENS unit is comfortable to use now. I know that it is there and I can feel it working but it’s not as distracting anymore. The breastfeeding affirmation tracks are kind of strange to listen too but I’m going to listen to them every time I do this to make this as easy as possible. I do have to say that the amount of water your are suppose to drink is crazy and I’m peeing like I’m pregnant now.

I really hope that I can get my primary care and the rest of my doctors to help me with this. The more support that i can get during this the better. other wise this is going to be a very long and lonely road for this.

Session 5

24Apr2016 11:41 After taking my shower I had this urge to clean the bathroom up while I was  swishing my mouth wash.  Am I starting to nest? Is this normal when inducing lactation? maybe I’ll find out during the day when I have time to research it.

Session 6

24Apr2016 02:10 pm This session the stimulation tickles. It’s a weird and enjoyable experience. I am enjoying the sensation of the stimulation as I picture a baby at my breast suckling, but also weird because I wasn’t expecting it to tickle this time around.

 It’s kind of nice that I’m taking to this so readily. this time around i feel that I might actually achieve my goal of lactation.

session 7

24Apr2016 5:22 This session wasn’t any different than the last, but I am starting to get nauseated by all the water I have to drink. I’m starting to wonder about all this water. I might cut back on it until I can normalize my system.

Session 8 

24Apr2016 8:45pm I had to go back to the breast pump for this session. the problem is that one of the hoses on my pump has a kink in it; so I’m always loosing suction on one breast, which as you can imagine is a big pain. I am looking into a new breast pump possibly hospital-grade to continue the pumping schedule.

My breasts and nipples are tingling longer after I stop the stimulation. It’s kind of enjoyable though so I won’t complain. I have also figured out that I am allergic to the “mother’s milk tea”, which is a downer, but i would rather not be sick while I’m trying to lactate.


Session 1

25Apr2016 00:00 I tried hand expression this time witch if i’m being honest is my least favorite way. The problem for me is that my hands cramp up while i’m doing it and it is very painful for me to do. I may not be doing it right even though I watch the tutorials and followed the directions this is going to be my least favorite to do. 

I was feeling kind of empty while doing this. I didn’t feel it accomplished anything but give me sore breasts. I will continue to try it but I can not say that I will for certain like it or dislike it as time goes by.

days 3 & 4

I needed to stop for the the last day because I can’t get my allergies under control. this really sucks because it is delaying my inducing lactation, but if I’m sick than it isn’t doing anybody any good.

02MAy2016 It’s been a while since I wrote. I haven’t given up I’m just trying to get healthy so that I can start again and I’m also waiting to get into see my doctor so that I get the medical help that I’m am going to need for for this on going experience.

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  1. Dear Ginny – I think you are worrying too much, dear. When your baby is born it will stimulate the hormones for lactation. Your baby’s nursing will make your breasts full. You will find it very natural when the time comes. Along with lots of water, you might try carrot juice—it is known to produce milk in new mothers. Good luck and God bless.

  2. I breat fed my first for 6 months-never could pump

    I breast fed my second for a yr- never could pump even bought a more expensive one

    Had milk for 4 years after second child that husband would accidently suck out on occasion

  3. Dear Ginny …my successful induced lactation story…When Michael and I adopted, I wanted to nurse – so my doctor had me use TENS nipple stimulation. She said it was the most natural method because our bodies work by electric currents. But she thought it would be way more effective to have the current flow more directly into the nipples than shown in your photo. So – I began applying with the two pads almost touching and centered over my nipples. (Both breasts of course) Starting out – I had tiny boobs and flat nipples – so I was amazed to watch my nipples pop up whenever they felt the current. I also gained two cup sizes in about a month. Before long – my sessions began to feel absolutely heavenly. (most times – very very heavenly – lol) Feeling pleasure thru your nipples is the key factor in loading up the vital prolactin and oxytocin hormones necessary for lactation and let down. I will say the sensation of flow and letdown was most times overwhelming. At times my entire focus was on what I was feeling thru my nipples. I wasn’t even able to carry on a phone conversation – lol!. I still consider my TENS unit to be a little miracle machine and use it as a substitute breast pump. Let me know – I would absolutely love to help someone else with more details. Blessings…Tricia

  4. Hi Tricia!
    What kind of tens unit did you use? How many times per day and how long were your sessions? And how long before seeing results? Thank you

  5. Hi Ellar… I bought my first TENS unit from Amazon and spent about $50 US . There are a lot of TENS units on the market. The important thing is that it has at least two independent channels and good power and a liberal selection of functions and pulses to play with. (8 to 16 or more) make sure to order extra of the gel pads that hook up to it. Mine was rechargeable. I can look at Amazon for you and see what might be best these days.

    When I started – I used my unit 3 times a day for about 15 minutes each. Then I changed a few things to make it feel way more pleasent!  It began to feel pretty sweet (lol) and I went to 5 or 6 times a day for about 20 minutes each. Using TENS is very convenient because I could hide it under my bra and use it while I was at my work desk. It took me about a month before I saw results.  I still think of my little TENS unit as a magical machine! There are some “dos and don’ts” and I’m happy to be any help I can – so let me know. Blessings ..Tricia 

  6. Hi Tricia,
    Thank you so much for your reply! Any help or advice you can offer would be great. Results in a month? That’s awesome! Did you also use any supplements or other techniques?

  7. Hi ellar…(do I have your name right?)
    Drugs … supplements:
    Please feel free to also talk via email .. triciameier007 @gmail. com I did take fenugreek and that may have helped (?). I had a 2 mo supply of domperidone – but never used it because I started to feel (internally) that the nipple stim was working so well. I’m generally against drugs and breast pumps and BC pills and other unnatural stuff.
    “One month” …may have been even less! :
    I didn’t use the usual pad placement you see on the tens/lactation web sites – instead I placed one pad just below the nipple and its mating pad directly on the nipple (with lots of contact gel)….. on both breasts of course. This gives you an indescribable sense of warm almost vibrating flow deep into the nipple and milk ducts. But this also makes it more difficult to realize when milk is actually starting to flow and you can end up with a “wet surprise”. It may have been closer to three weeks when that first happened to me. (at work!
    TENS units::
    I don’t know if you already have one. I started with a tiny rechargeable one I got from Amazon for $29.99. It is the “KEDSUM FDA cleared rechargeable 16 modes…”.. It’s really tiny and I kept it tucked in the middle of my bra while at work. I eventually found myself wanting to feel more intensity and bought a more powerful unit. My advice to anyone starting induced lactation is to experiment and see if you can make it feel very very pleasurable. If you can’ probably won’t work for lactation. It does tickle at first and you have to get used to that. Ttyl. Tricia

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