Staying Positive

This is more to convince myself than anything else. I’m going to attempt to write a list of things that make me happy. Here goes nothing……

1. Jack. I need him like I need air. 

2. My family. Even if they don’t quite understand me sometimes. They’re still around. 

3. Music. Both playing and listening to. 

4. Books. The ability to read one and get lost in another world that’s not my own. 

5. The feeling I get when I’m playing the piano. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. 

6. Roller coasters

7. Weddings. As weird as that is, they make me really happy. 


9. Broadway musicals. A not-so-secret obsession of mine. 

10. My friends. Specifically Bianca, Jack, Kaitlyn & Hannah. 

11. Slow dancing. More specifically with Jack, but just slow dancing in general makes me happy

12. My job. Crazy as that is. It gets me away from other things

13. Fanfiction fills a void sometimes. Is that weird?

14. Concerts. Once again, there’s an excitement/adrenalin rush there too

15. Spending time with my mom. 

16. Singing. I do it a lot. Hell, I sing about everything. 

17. My sanity. Or the fact that I haven’t killed myself yet. That’s something that makes me happy. Proud, even. 

18. A good electric guitar riff

19. Poetry. I admire anyone that can write it, because I can’t. 

20. Thrift stores. 


I’ll continue this when I can think. 

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