Tables over Slot Machines

(Decided to change this to a mood journal, did this with my blog awhile back but got busy and couldn’t get back to it. So I’ll try again.)


Happy: We managed to make a few dollars about twice to make into bills so we can play on the slots. We had some money again finally, but that wasn’t the exciting part. I met my best friend’s mom and dad at Delta Down. I was so glad / surprised to see them there, they even showed me pictures of the baby! He’s so adorable! I’m going to spoil the crap out of that kid, well when I have a good paying job of course.


Annoyed/Upset: So not only were we winning and losing money left and right with these machines. My cousin had his money stolen from a slot machine that shut down on him. We all spoke to the manager and some really rude guy about it. An in all honesty after telling them what happened, the fact they looked through the history an say they couldn’t find anything, they couldn’t pay back my cousin! We were all upset about it! I had to go hunt down my grandmother in the casino to give her $5 and back to my aunt t give her $5. For I finally won something again and actually shared. I told my cousin I would get his money back before we left! An that’s what I plan to do! This is why I like playing the tables more then slots, you get more!


Caring: So I wasn’t able to get the whole $20 back that he lost but I gave my cousin the $14 I had won. He wasn’t mad anymore, he was super happy! An we wasted all of it in the arcade section playing games for the rest of the morning we were there 🙂


Tired/Drained of Life: I ended up sleeping peacefully (sort of, there was an odd smell on the bus. I t was coming from the restroom…it was more disgusting then the sewer!) on the bus, I went and curled back up in on those two uncomfortable charges and went right to sleep.       Sleep did get interrupted since we made it back in Houston, went to my grandmas house after we dropped everyone off (left my key at home and no one is there), and went right back to sleep on the couch. Mom did come get me in a few hours, it was boiling hot (I hate the sun, I’m literally like a vampire), and I ran errands withe her buying things before we hit the house. I was still tired but fought off sleep cause I was kind of hungry.


Other (other stuff I did that doesn’t need the title of a mood):

  • Read Chapters 4 thru 18 of Tsubasa – World Chronicle – Hiraikanai Hen (manga); read this when I got home
  • my so called breakfast consisted of chips, all natural ginger chews, and two reese’s cups (my morning was evening)
  • Then of course later on in the evening, I download anime an started watching it like crazy!
  • Watched EP2 & EP3 of Seisen Cerberus (anime); overall I loved both episodes but that light blue haired chick was clueless as hell!
  • An right about now I’m going to watch EP2 & EP3 & EP4 of Kiznaiver (anime), well you all have a good night. I’ll be up watching anime~

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