wasp in disguise

Im feeling kinda numb
And I’m all outta rum
But I got a few shots left of brandy
That I’ve been contemplating pouring into me
My thoughts are a slight hazy you see
You think you fall in love
And shits all roses and doves
Feeling a flutter in your belly
Someone else talk to boo and you feel jelly
But you see..
We often mistake the flutter as a butterfly
But don’t you wonder how… why
A beautiful thing such as a butterfly
Can sting so bad
Ah there it is..and it’s kind of sad
Butterflies don’t sting
They make you happy.. want to sing
What could flutter and at the same time can hurt so bad
Wasp…damn them
Tricky motherfuckers playing pretend
Leading us to believe they are something their not
While they leave our insides to rot….

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