Day 58 – Chill day

Saturday, April 23rd 2016

Today was good! Started off sleeping for a good 10 hours.

I mostly watched YouTube videos and did some research for creating a character just for the heck of it. Her name is Amy Snider, she’s an agent in X Company and is also a disempathetic sociopath. I found out last night that you can watch X Company on the CBC website if you’re in Canada. I was very happy to hear that, because it means I can start watching season 2 and Kohai can watch the show as well. Speaking about Kohai, apparently she has a name before her actually name, so everything a lie. Her first name is the same, but she has another one before that one and it just makes me confused.

I also did some homework for most of the day, such as writing my third English poem about war and copying my science research into a Google document so my teammate can see it.

Other than that, didn’t do all that much. It was a very chill day. I’m gonna go watch X Company. Sorry if this was short, weekend entries are typically like that, because there isn’t much that happens.

Oh, and apparently I was supposed to go to the store and find a job, but I didn’t? My mom must have forgot or we’re doing it tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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