Graduation can’t come soon enough also applications!

I’m officially applying for jobs!
Can’t even describe the emotions going on inside of me. I’m terrified because (fingers crossed) I’ll be getting something that pays within the 16-18 dollar an hour pay range so I can move out! I know I’m thinking wayyy too far in advance, but it’s so nice to be able to list having a bachelor’s degree on my damn resume! I’m actually going in tomorrow morning to take the test for one job I already applied for- an Eligibility Specialist. 17 bucks an hour mofo!
From what I understand, it’s mostly like figuring out who’s able to get benefits like foodstamps and welfare and whatnot. I’m assuming the test tomorrow is like basic reading comprehension and math type shit, nothing specific to the job. but ANYWAY. I’m just really exited. I wanna skip forward for the next few weeks (mainly so I don’t have to finish my thesis and my other work) and walk across that mothafuuuckin stage! AHH!

but anyway. I’m sitting at Oscar’s right now just chillin. it’s kinda cute cuz we’re both on our laptops im supposed to be doing homework but I’m definitely not lol. and I dunno. it’s just sweet. the both of us sitting here in happy silence like cute couples’ who are comfortable. 🙂
im happy.

nothing else to report I suppose. mostly tired and avoiding my family. mom’s driving me crazy. matt is an asshole.
but hey, what else is new?
anyway, I’m gonna pop a sleeping pill and crash out so I’m fresh for tomorrow 🙂

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