Hello trying something new

I am trying something new. I am losing friends left and right and I feel like I have no one to talk to. So I think doing this will help me figure out some things. So even if no one reads this I really need this outlet cause I don’t feel that I am handling life really well. I am having a panic attack right now in fact.

3 thoughts on “Hello trying something new”

  1. Take a deep breath, please! No need to be so nervous or worked up to have a panic attack, welcome and I’m new as well here. Trust me, writing or typing out how you feel instead of keeping it all in really helps you feel better. But even more better when you have people to talk to.

  2. Everybody just breathe … Welcome to all the newer authors and this is exactly where you need to be … We’re great sounding boards and I know a lot of us are willing to talk – I know I am … So get to writing people, I’ll read them all !!!

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