I am a Mother First, your Friend Second

I am a mother first, your friend second.

You will never find me in the bar partying with you, I am not that kind of friend. I am the kind of friend who is a true friend. The kind of friend who will tell you when you’re wrong and build you back up when you fall. You know that friendship I told you if you have found ONE person like that; you have a true friend for life, the rare friendship.

When you climb up on your high horse, I am the friend that knocks you off it. Because no one deserves to sit up on that high horse and act as if they do not carry faults. I raised you after all; I know all your strengths and weaknesses, and your faults.

I am the friend who will be with you all of my life, I am the friend who will guide you and tell you everything you don’t want to hear because it’s true and someone needs to tell you when you are wrong. I am the friend who you will hate at times but later come to understand that if I have hurt your feelings or angered you it was done because I love you, that true friend, that rare friendship.

I will not be that friend that enables you to drink, party, and skip out on your responsibilities. That friend is the one that only is there for what they deem the fun times. You see I am your friend for the bad times, the times where you’re dangerously walking off the path that was laid out towards a good life and positive goals.

I am that friend that silently whispers in your ear when I am not even near you, guiding you through life.

As a mother, I am your friend, but not in the context you understand in the early ages of your life. Some day you will understand the type of friend I was to you. I was the friend who wanted to see you excel and make the most of yourself. Because the day you were born, I saw all that you could become.

You see all along, I have been your friend, but I was your mother first and always will be.

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