I Left Tumblr

Probably one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made this year is to delete my Tumblr account. I had so many followers, and I left without any notice. I’m so sorry to my friends. I really couldn’t take being harassed any more.

I remember when Tumblr started out as that cringey fandom/hipster phase. Mostly Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Sherlock, and other British media, along with some bad anime like Hetalia and Black Butler. Then there was the Homestuck and Creepypasta fandoms who were both also horrible. The “hipster” blogs were decent. Not to say I didn’t get caught up in any of them.

But as ugly as they were (Tumblr Prom), they were mostly painless. Nobody started any drama aside from those bad “fandom wars” or “shipping wars”. I guess it remained that way for a while before we got our first hint that the website was becoming toxic.

That “Ew straight people” phase, which usually was nothing more than a harmless immature phrase tossed around. But then it evolved into the idea that you somehow can’t be racist towards white people, which to this day I have never gotten a reasonable explanation for. Everything took a nose-dive after that. Now it seems Tumblr is riddled with toxicity, mostly in the form of people being an ass to majorities in the name of social justice. If you’ve had any experience with the website I’m sure you know what I mean.

It’s recently become trendy for “oppressed” groups to ridicule straight / cis / neurotypical / men / thin / white folks for no reason other than to get a quick laugh. Since I don’t fit into most of the criteria (bisexual mentally ill lady here), I was largely spared from this. But I have never experienced so much hatred as I have from the “woke” side of Tumblr.

I like to partake in discussions on social justice, particularly on race issues, which means I typically get caught up with the bullshit and extremism that comes along with it. I must have overstepped a boundary or two while being critical of said bullshit, because the harassment starts flowing in. Most of which are generic insults or poor jabs at my racial characteristics or skin color, some including

“toilet bowl skin”
“thin-lip bitch”
“ugly white bitch”
“raw chicken bitch”

and my favorite “elephant shrew”


I guess it’s a jab at my supposedly large-nose, but looking at the round cutie in the picture, it’s a really bad insult.

Perhaps the worst that came in would be from someone who recognized me around the campus and started harassing me regarding my Indian boyfriend, saying he looks thirteen and I fetishize him for his race. That I couldn’t tolerate. The same person knows my room number. I felt unsafe.

So that kept coming in until I decided that I was done with it and deleted. Most of what I received never really upset me, I’m usually quite confident in my appearance and I could move past it without any problem. I just really couldn’t bear to surround myself with so much negativity.

I got a lot of love in my heart and I need a place to keep it.

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