We all know that one person who is completely hopeless when they’re sick. You know what I’m talking about right?

I mean clingy. They won’t get up for themselves, or act like a big baby over nothing just so they’ll get some attention. I’ve come to the horrific realization that I AM that person.

I wasn’t always like that. I had more pride and would rather suffer than ask for help but now I’m a big baby. I’ve been getting it way too easy because people throw pity at me left and right. To be honest, a few months ago I would’ve despised it, but I think I actually crave the fake comfort now..

I crave affection. I want attention. I need it now. As self conscious as I am, I want all eyes on me. I want your eyes on me. I’ve become the brats I despise. I like it. I hate it.

If I don’t control it, there will be no good outcome.

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