This week i have done practical ways  in my daily life and things that are planned in order for myself to have a better understanding of emotional intelligence. Firstly, I have done the emotional intelligence test for seeing the outcome that i am going to achieved and how to improve it, solutions are given at the end. One of the solution was for myself for not being too quite about hiding your inner feelings too much or else you will be stressed out. thus I have gone out with my friends on Saturday night to release all my stress and share my inner emotions with them for them to have bette understanding about whats happening with me. In additions, all of my friends was asking myself for an advice and support to them who are having a hard time as well. Hearing other thoughts, judges , opinion ,sharing their own feelings form my friend to me is a big huge opportunity for me beacause i could understand on what are they thinking and feel about in an environment and it is one of the way to improve my EQ. Furthermore, video of the a man who cannot say anything in his mind or share his feeling due to the brain disease that he got have been watch. Social life is one of the key element that are being played in the life of the person in order for them to live up. Hover i was not being too depth on improving my emotional intelligence. For the next 2 weeks i am going to read, watch , test and survey about the key elements that are related to the emotional intelligence in order for me to succeed the emotional intelligence for myself and can be effective in the workplace industry. 

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