Refreshing Time

I decided to hang out with some of my friends on  Saturday night yesterday. We went to have a Korean dinner in Madang city where we spent 3 long hours in that restaurant. The Korean food was really great we ate like a pig. All of of us including myself tell our own stories and what difficulty that has occurred in this past week. I told them about myself having a bad day in my workplace because i was so stressed out with the assignments that i have. They were all pretty shocked and told me to forgot about the work that i have to do and spent the night talking with them. One of my friend was heartbroken because her boyfriend cheated on her and she could not get her mind focus. She failed on her quiz because of the shocking news that she found out by herself. we all give an advice and support to her in order for her to forget about him. We all comforted her and make some jokes in order for her to feeling relived and happy and having a great Saturday night.

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