Another night come and gone.  Had a nice break and went for dinner with Nancy.  Her and I have allot in common these days bringing us even closer. . 

Told him this morning that I will be waiting at his place when he gets back from the airport.  We definitely  need to talk. . I need to know and deserve to know what the future is looking like to him.  And he needs to know,  I am not poly.  I can’t be poly.  Will that end of between us?  Potentially yes it could.  Am I ready for that?  Sighs.  Yes and no.  I love him.  He makes me feel special.  Like I matter. 

I dreamt last night he put a collar on her at the airport.  Was it a dream?  Or my subconscious knowing it was happening and preparing me.  Time will tell I guess. . I miss him so much my life feels so empty.  But I also know I’m strong enough to deal worth whatever happens.  I hope


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