Ugh people…

Time – 11:14pm right now currently I’m sleepy so I’ll try to be quick.

Uneasy: Sill up watching TV for a few more hours but then I felt tired. Messaged my mother that I was going to sleep; it was going on2am so I had a feeling she was staying the night somewhere. No. Instead she comes in all noisy with this tall guy I dont know. Basically the whole time the guy was in the back made me feel uneasy. Dont know who he is, looks odd, and in all honestly I hope they don’t make out. (I think she’s drunk, plus that gross if they did but didn’t.) About an hour or so he eventually finally left. (Dont ever come back weird guy!)

Productive: Later in the evening I went ahead an finally applied for that Gift Shop Clerk job. It’s at the hospital of course. Then I worked on my online drivers ed for awhile til I got hungry.

Happy: The new episode / season of Game of Thrones premiered. It was a glorious episode!

Annoyed: (early morning) I had to keep getting up to lock the door since that tall guy kept going to his freaking car. I hope he never comes back. (later in the evening, basically night time) right when the new episode of Game of Thrones aired that darn Tornado watch signal came on about three times. That annoying siren and voice! Ugh!

Watched EP3 of Mayoiga (anime)
Watched EP3 of Bungou Stray Dogs (anime)
Watched S6 EP1 “The Red Woman” of Game of Thrones (tv series)

I also figured out what chapter I left off in Tokyo Ghoul (manga) (its chapter 100). I need to finish it to read the sequel.

Now it’s 11:26pm, that’s all. I’m going to bed.

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