and life continues ….

April 24th, 2016 (Sunday)

1030pm – I guess you can say that it was an okay day … Teenager slept til almost 9am (that’s just unheard of for him) … I hadn’t slept at all – I was wide awake watching the hub sleep and allowing my brain to run … NASCAR pre-race started at 930am so I turned up the volume some thinking it might help wake him but not so much … Finally at 10am I started to really wake him up.  We watched the race, we played our games – I sketched and fell asleep (finally)

Woke up around 5pm to two pretty happy guys … Hub had decided that we’d stay up tonight so we could spend some time and that we should get our showers – this is not unusual – so what was unusual???   Hub coming in to tell me that he’ll be on the front porch (so go, why do I need to know, I’m in the shower) … Then, just as I’m getting out of the shower, he comes in to tell me that he’s going down to the mancave to clean up some stuff (Ok great … but if you’re cleaning up, why do you need your tablet and your phone) … Is he lying? Is he on Skype with someone? And here goes my brain flying again … I ask him if he truly understands that he hurt me and of course he says yes … but … he continues the behavior?  So he understands but continues to do these same things which then (in my brain) equals he doesn’t care.

Do I call this a mid-life crisis – Do I call it the 7-year itch?  The 7-year itch really doesn’t work, we’ve been together over 11 years

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