Changes and Age


Changes in life come in many shapes and sizes. We either do not want them, except them or welcome them with open arms.

I remember the day like it was yesterday when my teenage daughter came to tell me she was pregnant, while she was still in high school. My first thought was, where I went wrong. The truth is I didn’t and neither did she. She was armed with knowledge of teenage pregnancy, she was armed with the knowledge of STD’s. I knew society changed around me and the truth is if someone wants to have sex they will, regardless if you as a parent tell them no or yes.

The only thing we can do is take them to the gynecologist and make sure they have proper birth control and do the very best we can. Which I did, the birth control failed and she got pregnant on it.

The day they decided to tell me I was admitted to the hospital and had already been in for 9 days. When they walked in to tell me, I guess they figured I was in the best place to have my heart attack. I simply laughed, maybe it was the pain meds or whatever, but all I could do was laugh, which scared them even more.

The truth is I had two options. I could make them feel like crap for something that we couldn’t change or I could embrace it, become the best grandmother ever and show my daughter how much family support she actually has. I of course choose the second option.

That’s not to say I made it easy on her. She was responsible for her daughter first and foremost. She had to get up through the night, and do her schooling in the day. After all, any mother having a child who worked would have to do the same. She needed to learn her daughter was her responsibility; I was the free live in baby sitter, who just happened to love the baby unconditionally and spoil her rotten. This only lasted till graduation, which she did graduate and still with her A’s, Along with taking college courses during her senior year.

A year later, they married, She is currently in college and almost done earning her bachelor’s in psychology, he’s in the military. The military sadly pulled them away from home, but they are doing great things for themselves and my beautiful granddaughter is now 2.5 years old.

They did not become a statistic because they had family support behind them.  They also had the maturity to suck it up and do what needed to be done.  So people say they are too young, or didn’t you do this or that, Yes it was all done to the best of all ability, and no obviously they are not to young because they did it.

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