Day 59 – Busy

Sunday, April 24th 2016

Today was a very busy day.

I woke up and ate a big enough breakfast before deciding I won’t be going to church. I had a lot of homework to do and it was a good move, cause I worked all day. I did my bible study by reading Job and I proceeded to continue on my English poems. I did my analysis for two poems and by the time I had enough words for both, I needed my dad so that I could start decorating my poems. We made a small soldier’s journal that has a cover of a map and in the inside are my poems pinned to the pages, who it’s dedicated to, the theme of my poems, a picture of what would be the soldier’s children on the pocket of the first page and a picture of the soldier and his supposed wife pinned to the last page, with the names “Alexander Smith & Grace Smith” in cursive, then “Alfred” (X Company, I know) in cursive, but crossed out cause I screwed up, then “Alfred”, “Marie” and “Sarah” in unattached letters. I don’t mind having to cross out the name, because it isn’t supposed to look perfect, it’s supposed to look old and messy.

Other than that, worked on my science research and wanted to work on my art that was due Friday, but I didn’t have my things with me. I knew I was forgetting something. I also forgot that I had math homework. I also studied for my science quiz and I don’t think I’m entirely ready, but I don’t think I’ll do terrible. It just wouldn’t be my best quiz in science so far. I was bound to have at least one bad quiz at some point.

I’m gonna make my dad try Undertale. Luckily—I was gonna say I could do a true reset, but then I forgot I started Genocide. Well… I mean, the further I got in redoing Genocide was after Toriel. Little to no dialogue is gonna be changed, so it’s no big deal. I have my wallpaper as Toriel fighting Frisk and my dad thought she was a demon, but I had to convince him that she’s a goat, except he’s still skeptical about it. Wait until he meat Sans. Didn’t a daughter’s mother saw a picture of him on his phone and said it was demonic? That was funny. Search it up.

That’s all for today.

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