Law of attraction

it does works! It really worked for me! My last post was that I was sad because of a silly boy, in the same night I practiced the law, and what happened? Yesterday I have a great night with a guy 🙂 

I was really stressed because of school and my friend told me that her boyfriend’s friend was coming to his house and she asked me if I would like to meet him, and I did! 

I went to this my friend’s house with more 2 couples and this boy, it was a great night! They went to pick açaí (my favorite food eveeeer!) and I gave him the money but the bought it with his. 

The night was awesome, I was so happy that I was having a nice time with my 2 bff, their bf and this boy ❤️ he was so nice to me! His lips were so soft!!!!

so back to the law, damn how it works! I know that it migh sound silly but I told myself I was going to try with “silly” things, like boys, and some teenage thing, and if it works I would try with more serious things like, what’s going on in my personal life… I know it’s gonna be more harder but I’m gonna make it!

so I asked to the universe that I wanted to talk to boys, that I would like to have a “thing” and these things. What happened : my ex bf invented me out, a guy that we use to talk came and started talkin to me again, and this boy…. It made me happy

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