Something more

I am really depressed today. Nothing is cheering me up. Everything That would normally make me happy just isn’t working. I just dread tomorrow cause nothing is looking up. Work sucks, life sucks, and I have no time to do anything I really enjoy. Hell, I am not really sure what I enjoy anymore . I hate feeling that I am supposed to be something amazing but in truth I am just a loser. I wonder at times if everyone has that feeling or if I am just crazy. 

One thought on “Something more”

  1. You arent the only one :)) i’m also depressed very often and i have no idea if it is normal or not… I’m scared of the things that havent even happened yet. Sometimes i think i’m not on my mind really..but then , some times after i’m still calm and motivated.. Only God knows what the hell is with us.. Actually relate to you :)))

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