Tiny Thoughts: Double Bed

Tiny Thoughts

I hate wishing my life away like this, but I really just need a queen bed right now. I cant fit one of em into my tiny dorm and it’s so difficult sleeping next to him, having him cram me against the wall and waking up with such a backache. He’s so small I can’t really understand how he manages to take up so much space. I really just want a nice place of my own, maybe an apartment I could rent. I’m looking forward to a shower of my own, these dorm showers are so scummy and sketchy I hate them all. Shower sex is my top fantasy but that’s probably not happening soon. It’s hard enough timing sex whenever his crusty roommate is out.

I just can’t wait for a small sweet little place, a queen bed, cat, fluffy pillows and silk sheets, a shower, bubblebaths, candles, lingerie and sleeping naked, TV and Netflix, anytime sex and experimenting, free laundry. All I look forward to is being alone with him and my cat.

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