am I doing something wrong ….

Ok ….  I think I’m feeling a little, oh what’s the word, neglected ….

As a previous entry stated, I have always written a journal and that I wanted to start this publicly because I think part of what’s missing for me is feedback …

So here I am PUBLICLY and NO feedback or comments or thoughts …. Just NOTHING !!!!

Am I doing something wrong or am I truly that boring ????


2 thoughts on “am I doing something wrong ….”

  1. Welcome to this journaling group. It’s a good group. People do care. Some do, for sure. I do. Keep journaling and you will get more responses I am sure. Don’t feel alone. Lots of people read and care but don’t comment. God bless you.

  2. savedbygrace … Thanks for the comment, even if a person doesn’t comment, I wish there was a way to see how many (if any) people at least have seen the entry
    thanks again for the comment

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