An Introduction

My name isn’t important.

Age? Just numbers to you.

Who I am? Now THAT’S a question.

Honestly, who can say that they know themselves? I’ll give you a hint: nobody in this entire world.

You may know parts of yourself, but nobody can ever unlock all their pretty little mysteries. Of course, we’d like to think we know that.

I for one know that I’ve been hurt before, by males who claim they want something out of you but instead, drag you around emotionally until finally you have nothing left to give them… Just your heart.

And then… They ignore it. Or they take it and wreck it.

I finally had enough of men bullying me or controlling me; I needed something to get back that control and mindset I had lost once before.

I needed control of something… or someone.

And that’s the start of my pretty little obsession with… dominating, if you will. 

I do have a submissive male follower. He is rather amusing, and is a way for me to release all the negative emotions.

I call him teacup, ironic due to his size. 6 foot 4 inches if I’m not entirely mistaken.

Of course there are a lot more ladies out there who have been through and are currently going through much much worse, and I urge them to be strong… You’ll make it through.

Although I am a proud bisexual female I do have one very strong opinion on men: 

They’ve been given too much control, and too much power.

Sure, plently will disagree. But I care not. You get on with your lives and I’ll get on with mine.

Some may call me a feminist, I just like to be called ‘Madam.’




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