Choice of our own life

What is more important in our short life? Every enlightened beings understand the meaning our most precious human forms of life. But for others it is very difficult to comprehend the reason of being born  on this beautiful earth and especially this human form of life. They rightly advice us that being born in this form of life is vital as it is in our hand to lead our next step. The karma of life is such that if we do good to others then in return we will reap a good fruits at the end and vice versa. Life is beautiful if one knows how to use it but it becomes harder for some if one does a bad deeds. For instance, why do some people have to serve in prison? The very fact is that when they live they might have done some unwholesome deeds and action. Accordingly they are being caught by same human being to correct their own bad behavior. If our actions are for the betterment of the mother beings then i am sure that no one will question us, instead of questioning us, they will in turn praise us for being better human being in this world. For are being recognized for being great being in this world while some are being recognize in the other way round. What will be the main difference between the aforementioned beings? The simple answer is it all depends upon our own action. In our short life, i feel that it is very important to be a good human being. 


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