I am happily married for 2 years now.. we dont have any kid yet. But hopefully in God’s time. 

Though I am so in LOVE and contented with my husband right now, I am admitting it, that i do have a CRUSH!! 

CRUSH is….

It was just last year that a guy in our company, whom I met in a seminar, caught my eye. (He looks like my husband) and when i stalk on hus facebook, he even caught my attention. And from then on, i was like I am a high school student, stalking on an schoolmate crush. It brings back that feeling. Thanks to sir Art.. 💘💘💘

I have this tweeter account before that i made just to tweet the feelings i am into whenever I got to encounter him. 


Well just last night, i dreamt of him.. “kilig” moments where at the end of my dream, he hug me!! Wiiii! Just the decent hug, ok?! Hahaha

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