Darn Churchy People

(Just wanted to say, im not a smoker. I just found this image really cool. It really displays annoyance in his face.)

Do stay up and watch Childs Play 2 (1990) and then afterwards I feel asleep that early morning (around 3am I think)
Later that afternoon when I awoke, I did watch EP9 “Betta Male” of The Family (tv series) (ABC)

Curious (really did kill the cat): I was going, no correction. Already now started putting the clothes in the dryer, til I noticed those woman I saw earlier walking around. I thought they were lost, an I realm shouldn’t have. Buried my own grave for being a good citizen. They were JW, Jehovah Witnesses. Long story short, got a pamphlet, was told to read it, and they would be back next week. Damn. Knew I should’ve left them be. Well ill have to brush them off next week, I dont believe in God. So no to the pamphlet.

Continued crocheting (red to finish this on so I can work on the other) Watched Childs Play 3 (1991)(movie)
Not even really started Poseidon (2006)(movie) cause I had to go out.

Supportive: We went to go support my aunt in her karaoke Happy Hour Night. I dryly sung one song, gave my aunt shiny pennies cause her tip jar was empty, and found out she went to a karaoke competition. That she later on found out supported the LGBT community. I told her if she had another event or outing like that I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

Did finish the movie when I got home.
Read Chapter 403 of Noblesse (manga); they really need to find a way to save Rai’s life.

Angry: Our neighbors are really a royal pain! Not even 5mins in the shower those pricks decide to run a bath! The Hell! The water pressure just kept getting lower an lower and lower. Low to the point where there were only droplets! I had to stand in the shower for awhile but then got out and waited a life time for the water pressure to come back on.

The only other way to calm my nerves is something cold to drink and a movie. So I’m about to watch another classic as I continue crocheting. The Sound of Music (1964) I love the songs in this movie 🙂

Hope you all have a better night then me.
Night all.

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