Don’t Go Breakin Young Girls’ Hearts

I talked to my friend today and we talked about her relationship with a wonderful man we’ve all grown to know and like and some of us even love him. There is a big ol rock being carried around and it has become heavier than my friend thought it would be. She’s taking full responsibility for the situation because she knows she did not really have any business being with this man in this way. Interesting. I appreciated the ownership. 

These things we are talking about feel so taboo – she and I are looking for the place where this stuff is out in the light and free to be. We know it exists and, for now, maybe we create that small space during truncated time. What can we take ownership of there?

When compatibility fails what keeps people together? Sheer will and force? This thought makes me want to roll my eyes and I do. Is there a natural ebb and flow we can better ride? An elephant in the room. What delight! If you ignore it, there it stands, though. 

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