Episode 1: Bathingsuits

I hate bathing suits.
To be honest, I dont find many revealing clothes to be pleasant, but not in a general sense, just on myself. I dont find that I have a figure good enough to feature anything more than a borderline burka. My friends or relatives see me in nothing less than pants and a hoodie everyday, all day, regardless of the weather or circumstance. So when my friend (She shall be named P) invited me out to go shopping with her and gave me no indication of what this shopping might entail, I went without question.
You see, I recently convinced P to get her first piercing outside of the location of her ears. She is a forty some-odd year old woman with two children, but she still acts and connects well with the almost thirty me. We get along wonderfully. So the other week she approached me and asked me about getting herself a navel piercing. I myself have over 20 of the glorious pieces of metal adorning my face and body, so I of course lit up at the thought of one of my newest best buddies getting her own. That being said, she now wishes to show it off.
So off I went on the bathing suit journey. I cant do bathing suits. I have refused to wear them my entire life. I dont feel as if I have the figure for one, nor do I think anyone would like to see me in one. Im not fat, by any means, but Im not supermodel slender either. Im short, and dont have the thigh gap. I dont need anyone seeing my stubby pale self. So instead I generally jump in the water fully clothed, or not at all. However she is proud of her motherly body (which doesn’t look bad at all), and along with her daughter and her daughters friend, we ventured forth. Even her daughters friend, a large but friendly girl, was more than willing to wear a one piece short and t-shirt combo… thing.
She kept commenting on how she would eventually get me into something that more skimpy than a jean and t-shirt combo, to which my response was “well if I lose another 30 lbs”. Even she laughed at this and commented that it would never happen. Im glad she knows me so well.
I wonder if Ill ever have the courage, or feel as proud of myself as she does. This must be why she makes such a good character. Shes confident in herself, at least physically (although I have seen little evidence to think shes not also mentally). Thats a good quality in a main character. I wish I were more like P.

On a different note, pieces of my kimono have arrived, including the obi and shoes. Im doing a Natsumi Yuujinchou cosplay next (fully robed!) and decided that instead of making the entire thing myself, Id just buy a real one. Cheaper in the long run anyways. Cant wait until I get the whole thing.

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