Does anyone else ever get the feeling that you’re just not worth anyone else’s time? Like. You have plenty of friends you could be talking to, but you don’t want to seem annoying so you don’t text them first…. You think you need a reason to text them, so it’s not a burden… So you don’t text them first. And then you feel lonely because you have no one to talk to. It kind of sucks. Who am I kidding? It really sucks. And then without warrant, you experience this overwhelming cloud of loneliness. It starts kind of small, just a few minutes with no notifications on your phone. But then after a while, you just want someone to do something. Anything. And then you just feel really depressed for no reason.

This is my exact mood right now. 

3 thoughts on “Lonely.”

  1. You are lonely, dear. It’s a sad feeling. I can tell you feel all alone. Maybe try going ahead and texting someone and tell them just how you feel? At any rate, I’m listening and I care. God bless you.

  2. I’m the same way. Sometimes I’d rather deal with the loneliness than to feel like I’m bothering someone by texting them. But I do agree with SavedbyGrace. Try texting someone when it becomes overbearing, you’d be surprised who cares. I know how you feel, hell even I’m up to listen if you want.

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