Monday Night

All in all, today hasn’t been that bad. Towards the latter part of the afternoon, things got a little tense. My siblings and I were all getting on each other’s nerves. But as soon as I got to chorus, I felt so much better. While I was waiting to get in, a friend of mine- that I haven’t talked to or seen in months- was picking up his brother. So that was cool. Chorus went really well. I have most of our pieces memorized- including a 15-minute long Latin piece. God- that one’s a handful. After Chamber choir rehearsal was over, I went and got milkshakes with my mom- at the restaurant I work at. We had to hide the evidence from the rest of the family, so I parked and we drank our shakes. But- parking isn’t my strong suit. And my manager took the opportunity to come outside and actually laugh at my parking. Mostly because I casually forgot to put the car in park. It was still in drive for all of about 5 seconds…. It was absolutely hilarious. I will probably never hear the end of it. 

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