My Introduction as a Support Character

Such an interesting medium in which to write your own thoughts.

I realized a long time ago Im not a very exciting individual. Instead, Im more like a background character for those around me to experience their lives and meanings, and thats okay. I dont mind being in the back, pushing them from behind. If that so happens to be my calling, so be it. There always needs to be a support character.

However, sometimes this support character has her own experiences and personal adventures. They may not be great, or grand, or life changing, but they’re there. I may not touch the hearts of those around me, or even be a blip on the map, but in my own head-space occurs a world of thought and wonder, happiness and frustration, depression and joy. Thus, in order to continue being the good support character that I am, I feel as if I must express these explosions of the mind somewhere hidden from the main cast, but still out in the open.I wonder if this makes any sense. Does it matter? Perhaps not in the grand scheme of things, lets be honest.

So who is the cast? Well, the life that I exist in is rather small if we were to talk about world building and characters. Besides the direct family including the father and elder brother (of whom recently had a baby, but he’s not involved yet), there are a small group that could be featured in the opening credits. The angry friend, the older supportive friend, and the ex who became best friend. The three of them combined fill each episode with conflict and adventure, along with the other supporting cast which include but are not limited to the co-workers, the dungeons and dragons group, and the others; old acquaintances who just happen to keep popping into existence even if every viewer has voted them off the island.

The viewer to all this, essentially your eyes if this was one of those terrible first person found footage movies would be I, but giving me any form of credit would be a waste of time, as I feel such character building needs to be done over time. You dont need a brief description, I’d rather you make up your own as you go along. The hints are there, use your creativity.

I would also like you to forgive me, as this is merely a form of venting, and thus my grammar and punctuation might be very off. I haven’t written in a long time, and the rules and regulations of basic language skills have about disappeared over time.

With that, I have a day ahead of me. There are many people to stand behind as a pillar, and it seems my schedule has been made up for me. I’ll return shortly though, cant keep silent forever.

Good wishes

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