Subway, bank and music

I woke up at my mom’s house. She said she was going to take the children to school and then come back to take me back to uncle doug and aunt kris’s house. She came back and picked me up. When I got back, I realized I needed to get to the bank so that I could cash my checks. I went to saint johns bank and they said they couldn’t open up an account because my score was too high when they ran some check. So I went to vantage and they opened me up a savings account. They said I will get a card in the mail within the next few weeks. I went to subway and ate 1/2 a veggie foot long. I got 2 cookies and a drink. I didn’t eat the cookies so I saved it in the bag with my other 1/2 sandwich.  I started walking back and went to the bottom of a hill to smoke. A bird flew to the ground near me. I grabbed some pieces of bread from my sandwich to give to it but it flew into the tree nearby so I got up and took it to the tree. I went back and sat down to finish my cigarette. When I finished, I walked back to the house. I put my sandwich and cookies in the fridge. I made sure the bed was pulled out before I left and my clothes were separated. So when I got back, I added the song “love of my life” by erykah badu to the “kiss from a rose” station on Pandora. I let the station play and played down. Around 1pm I heard some woman upstairs and there was slamming around. It was kind of noisy. I kept waking up. I finally woke up at 8pm. I had a cigarette. I texted with Deanna and Zamani and ate the rest of my sandwich.

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