The Sexless Skilled Ex

I was in a horrible relationship last year, with a man 5 years older than me but so immature I could have been his mother. 

Now I say horrible lightly, because it didn’t last long and it was based on manipulation more than actual feelings if anything. 

What grown man sits in his room ALL day playing playstation 3??? I mean it was ridiculous.

Anyway this clown somehow manipulates me into believing that I had feelings for him; and he did so by using something I absolutely loved:


He had shown me poems he had written, and one which he had wrote for me.

It basically bragged about how ‘amazing’ he was. He eventually compared himself to Christian Grey from 50 shades. I didn’t pay much attention to that, because; well… I didn’t care.

And then came the first night we slept together.

OH MY GOD THE SEX WAS AWFUL… Seriously! His idea of foreplay involved choking me, pulling my hair and practically fucking my legs.

Being the weak dominatrix I was back then, I faked the entire thing. And I wanted to try my hand at being submissive…


Anyway besides the pathetic sex and lack of anything else, he tried pleasing me in other ways. Taking me out, buying me cute small things… 

Well, that was all to the relationship. Sex, playstation, food and sometimes going out.

The last week that we were together he quite blatently told me this:

“By the way, I want you to have more sexual experiance with another guy but it must only be a one night stand. And also don’t blame me if I sleep with other women.”

And we broke up a few days later due to the fact he was sexually abusive to his ex girlfriend who worked at the butchery my dad coincedentally went to. My dad hates him and frankly, so do I.

Firstly I HATE being controlled. 

Secondly I HATE being submissive, both sexually and in general.

And lastly I absolutely HATE being led on and lied to; and manipulated into thinking ‘Hey he likes me’

And since we broke up, my dominating side continues to grow. And it feels better. 

I won’t hurt my follower like  such mentioned above, but some kind of sexual pain is required; although it should be minimal.

I warn you people; somebody is bound to hurt you in the wrong ways in life. Do not settle for it. Once is a mistake, twice is a warning, three times is enough and NO SECOND CHANCES. It may be hard to follow but you cannot settle for being controlled all the time.

Some call me a feminist, me? I’m just a dom.

Yours in dominatria;






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