Weird Dreams

Sometimes I have really weird dreams. And if I ever tried to tell anyone about them- they’d think I was crazy. But I really wanna remember that I had them. Lol so I’m gonna put like the top 3 here or something. 

1. I had this dream where- for some reason- there were golden potato chips. And I was convinced that they were just regular potato chips and my mom got mad at me for thinking they were regular potato chips. 

2. Apparently Jordan Sweeto was in love with me. I’m really not sure why, but he was. 

3. My friend Kaitlyn was in an arranged marriage, against her will, of course. She didn’t want to get married, she wanted to be in a heavy metal band. So on the day of her wedding, she like had black clothes underneath her wedding dress. She ripped them off, flipped off her fiancé, and said she was gonna start a heavy metal band. 

Please don’t judge me now. 😂😆

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