i went to yoga class today as one of the solution for mindfulness to develop my emotional intelligence. Since all my assignments are due in next 2 weeks i have been stressing out with the busy week that i am going to have this week. I have an Indonesian association party where i am the person in charge of that party, part time work and  school assignments. i decided to release my stress out in doing Yoga. Yoga is very useful and helpful, not just for my body but also for my mind and heart. It helps myself feel relax and forget about what is happening in the world right now. Its slowing develops my strengths and flexibility, and calming my mind step by step. Somehow it also make me happier and make me more focus by doing my other task after doing yoga. Even the body of mine is feeling much more healthier e and not feeling tired anymore. I feel fresh all of a sudden and gain all the spirits up to do all the tasks that are due in this week. The most important thing is that Yoga has helped me by giving a peace of my mind which slows down the frustration, fear, nervousness and negative emotions in my body. 

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