11 days off..

My last journal entry was 11 days ago.. i have been wanting to write an entry but i just can’t think of anything to write.. but a lot has happened those past few days.. I just don’t know how to write it all in here.. 

So anyways.. my hesitations and doubts about certain things are somehow gone.. I am not that scared anymore..

Those past few days that I haven’t written any entry.. a lot happened to me.. I have been asked weird questions.. well at least for me it was a bit weird.. but maybe for some people.. those are just normal..  I did something unexpected it feels like an achievement.. though maybe for others it’s nothing much.. but it made me very happy but later on.. I cried.. I smiled.. i got mad.. i got sad.. someone have told me his deepest secrets that he never ever told to anyone.. and it feels great to be trusted..  i had a fight with my friends.. but now we were good.. and went back to being happy.. those past few days is like a roller coaster ride of emotions.. but the bottomline is.. I learned.. 

Why is it that when i was super happy at the beginning of my day.. eventually.. that happiness.. that smile on my face will be taken away from me.. it was alaways like that.. that’s why sometimes I just don’t want to be too much happy coz I know later on.. it will be taken away from me.. either I will be so sad for no reason or something bad will happen.. it’s always like that.. I don’t have any clue or idea why… 


My brother will be leaving again soon.. few days from now maybe.. so most of the time.. we were making the most of every moment while he is still here.. 

So this is all of it i guess.. i missed this.. 

Life is indeed great.. always remember that.. everything happens for a reason.. whether it is good or bad.. just trust in Him.. He always has better plans for us.. 



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