Bills Bass

 After loosing his job at sea world for partisitapaiting in after hours dolphin fights bill fell into a deep depression where for the next three months ill did nothing but eat nachos from strippers backsides and drank MD/2020 into a stupper on a nightdly basais. It was in in this phase of bills life where he  learned his blistering bass skills. It was a dark and faitful night after stumbeling out of the gutters and filth of Sioux city Bill W saw something shinging in the moonlight beneeth  him. It was a Egg white fender jazz special. Bill W now new this  egg white fender jazz special would be his destiony. As bill strokes the fenders cherub strings electric rainbows surged through the allys of  the retched Sioux city and for the first time in history Sioux city Iowa was no longer complete shit. Bill W picks up his finder jazz special admittedly feeling sensations of manhood as his vibrating extinction of his ego beckons maidens to his call. Legand has it every time bill W entertains his bass a kitten dies from the oxidation created by bills uniquely elastic sound. Bill W has no idea what he is doing.

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