Done with one blanket, one more to go..

Tired: So I finally finished the blanket that I’ve been on and off with since December (since it was supposed to be a Christmas gift but will now be a Mothers Day gift for my grandma and great aunt) cause I was sick on and off a bit. But one down and one to go. But I’m going the hell to sleep! It’s like freaking 3am! Morning all~

Watched EP8 of Damien (tv series) on A&E; Well the florist is dead and Damien has a lot of freaking followers. But we really need to do something about that annoying ass cop! Everytime I see that cop doing something I just think about that other dog that got shot, I miss him now.
Read Chapter 161 of 19 Tian (manga) so glad it updated, I freaking missed all the characters.
Read Chapter 97 of Tamen De Gushi (manga); I love the glasses guy! He’s truly made my damn day 🙂
Done reading Chapters 1 thru 18 of Citrus (SABURO Uta)(manga); this is so adorable but there school system for this all girls school is such a pain. I would’ve went to a regular high school :p
Completely forgot I had this movie! It was so darn good! Really want to read Moby Dick now (another classic book on my To Read this Year Books), I had watched The Heart of the Sea (movie)
This was a new manga, gave it a shot. Read Chapter 1 thru 5 of Yue Shi (manga) the art syle is quite nice 🙂
Also, I did announce on my blog that I won’t be posting there anymore but I would keep up with the blogs I followed on there. For I can still comment as a google user on there. Plus I will keep that announcement post on there but I will be slowly moving my old post here. Cause I like this site, was gonna make a wordpress but then I was like nope. Plus I gave the link to my fellow readers on twitter to this site.
Well have a good night all

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