I was once 18

I was once 18 I used to mastibate and wipe on my dirty laundry had to be cleaned any way. Found a pair of my bottoms this evening with cum wiped on it! I was only wearing them on Tuesday and had no sex and left them in the bed room not top of landing. No point in asking he will lie and say he had no clue how it got there. 

Spy can software is great!

Also I got 3 subs and 3 sarnies I had 1 sarnie and 1 sub but when I got back there was only 2 sarnies and 1 sub left when there should have been two. He won’t admit to it, so let’s face it I can remember scientific calculations, binary, hexadecimal but can’t remember if I put 2 or 1 subs in the fridge. I would not mind if some one owned up it would hurt less but for no one to do it and lie to me hurts. 

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