I’m a good girl with bad habits!


It’s funny because lately people have been telling me I’m”A bad girl” but….

I wouldn’t consider myself as a bad girl I would just say that I do bad things but my personality is nice I mean yes I do drugs,yes I party ALOT but that doesn’t make me a bad girl

I just want to live for right now and be free.

everyone’s looking for love and someone to spend the rest of their life with and I’m just looking for someone to get wasted with.

I think that’s the reason the guy I like doesn’t like me because maybe he doesn’t know how to let loose maybe he thinks I’m a lot and I understand but right now if he doesn’t feel the same then I’m over it time flies and there are so many other things I can worry about besides a guy not feeling the same.


I’m finally happy and I’m glad I  can finally say that.

I guess for right now I’m on a mental vacation for right now but the question is will I come back from my vacation.? I’m not sure because I’m having a blast,and also because I’m scared of what it will be like when I come back to reality.I feel as if I would suffocate or drown in my emotions so for right now I’m having fun.

what should I do?



One thought on “I’m a good girl with bad habits!”

  1. Having fun is a good idea. Just don’t do anything that will effect you in the future. Stay ‘protected’, don’t get mixed up in any weird stuff, don’t do meth or any other horribly body-damaging drugs. Do what you can to be happy, (that means do whatever to be C O N T E N T inside and out, not just temporary giddiness or excitement) and EXPLORE what you want and what’s best (that means DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS). Fulfillment is key.

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